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    Abstract :

    In many companies, examining the tolerance and allowance of any product at the time of production is not possible. It will affect the quality of the product. This paper is regarding such examining methods during the production itself by changing the conventional method of measuring to more convenient and high accuracy. This product development is done at roll tech engineering (brakes India) where a shaft adjuster component is produced and inspects during the production itself. But they currently using a Vernier height gauge method for inspecting the acceptance level of shaft adjuster which is a time consuming and can’t do during manufacturing. A variable gauge is design in such a way so as to make the inspection while producing the component, accurately and it is less time consuming methods when compared to traditionally used method.


    Abstract :

    The management of automobile, electronics and plastic wastages are important today. We decided to make Automobile, electronics and Plastic scraps materials into usable construction materials so as to make an existing thing more sustainable. In construction sector the usage of plastic is about 23.6% all over the world and in automobile sector the tire waste are burned as fuel they are not used properly. In building construction the false ceiling are a way of adding sophistication to the indoors. Sagging is possible in case of false ceiling and the ceiling gets decolored or stained after frequent use for few years. So we decided to replace the false ceiling material (gypsum) with automobile waste materials like tires and plastic. So as to improve the life time and to reduce the repair cost. As we use automobile tires mixed with crushed waste plastics it keeps the environmental much cool than gypsum. And it may used as sound proofing in partition works. Use of plastic waste in road constr

  • Title : Effectiveness of Heat Transfer through Nanocomposite Materials in Fins   (click to view)

    Abstract :

    Heat transfer plays a vital role in many fields such as industrial applications, transportation, and automobiles for cooling and heating process involved. In automobiles, air and liquid cooling methods are used for heat transfer in engines. Fins are employed pathway for air to heat dissipation on air cooled engines whereas coolants are used in radiators to exchange heat produced on liquid cooled engines. Nowadays the research is going with carbon based nanomaterials for heat transferring applications due to its high thermal conductivity compared to all other materials. The thermal conductivity of CNT is 3000 W/mK and Graphene is 5000 W/mK. In liquid cooling system, Nanofluids (CNT/ Graphene blended with base fluid) are experimentally studied as coolants in engine radiator. There is no possibility to deploy nanofluids in air cooling system. For improving heat transfer in air cooled engines, the materials used to produce fins can be modified. The commonly used materials for manufacturin

  • Title : Design fabrication of Longest Hybrid Bike  (click to view)

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