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India is facing acute shortage of skilled workforce. The government’s recent skill gap analysis concludes that by 2022, another 109 million or so skilled workers will be needed in the 24 keys sectors of the economy. To address the issue, Government of India has taken many initiatives to fill this gap. IIIIER are the pioneer in bridging the demand and supply gaps of the industrial workforce. IIIIER has extended a supporting arm to both Central and State government funded skill development schemes such as PMKVY, NAPS, STRIVE, DDUGKY, TNSDC etc.

IIIIER have taken many initiatives by providing skill development programs for the needy people to eradicate and reduce the unemployment. Exclusively, we focus the school/college drop outs from economically and socially weaker section so that they get opportunity to come up. This programme gives youths a platform to identify, develop and showcase their employability skills. We also conduct upskilling, reskilling and digital skilling program for working professional to get themselves retained in the same employment and to adapt & upgrade to the newer industrial technologies. Apart from giving skill training, we also encourage and assist deserving candidates to start up their own enterprises.



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